I is Country Too!!

If a tree falls in the forest on a non-existent border, does it make a sound in Transnistria? The Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Приднестровская Молдавская Республика), or Transnistria, was never really on my radar.  I started hearing murmurs about it after visiting former Soviet strongholds like Belarus and Ukraine and the more I heard, the more […]

Red Zone Hitchhiking

(cont’d from Burmese Daze.  Read the sister post over at VivianAlive.com) The plan from Bhamo was to try our hand at hitchhiking to Indawgyi Lake via Myitkyina.  I’d heard about this route from someone I’d met in Laos – the catch being of course that this part of Myanmar (Kachin State) is currently embroiled in […]

Burmese Daze

(Read the sister post over at VivianAlive.com) It was finally time to get off the well-worn tourist trail.  The usual itinerary for a visit to Myanmar covers the two major cities (Mandalay and Yangon) along with side trips to Inle Lake and Old Bagan.  These are all south of Mandalay – so, of course, I […]

5 Steps into North Korea – visiting the DMZ and JSA

South vs North. Good vs Evil. Propaganda vs …more Propaganda? Symbolic (possibly fake) villages, stern soldiers, strict photography protocol, self-promoting loudspeakers aimed across the border and a flagpole measuring contest (doesn’t take a metaphor enthusiast to figure that one out) are all features of BOTH sides of the border. A trip to the Demilitarized Zone […]