My Trip So Far

Places visited and the major transport routes taken.

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Lines: Red=Plane, Yellow=Train, Blue=Bus, Purple=Boat, Black=Motorbike, Green=Hitchhike, Grey=Private Car

Planes: 20 (57,848 km/35,945 miles)
Trains: 23 (6,630 km/4,120 miles)
Boats: 23 (6,455 km/4,011 miles)
Private Cars: 3 (3,518 km/2,186 miles)
Buses: 68 (11,658 km/7,244 miles)
Motorbikes: 4 (465 km/289 miles)
Hitchhike: 8 (358 km/222 miles)
TOTAL: 86,932 km/54,017 miles or 2.17 times Earth’s circumference
Last updated in Mindelo, Cabo Verde – November 18 2017 (distances are as the crow flies)